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corporate identity

Our company is more than just a video production company.
We will change the world into a bright and fun world through images.
​LOOP's role is to make that happen.


■ Mission
• Human power that is trusted by everyone
• Technological and production capabilities that are trusted by everyone
• Creativity trusted by everyone

■ Vision
Using the power of images to transform the world into a bright and fun one

• help all friends
• Work professionally and confidently at all times
• I will try to give clear answers
• Learn from any situation without compromising on the current situation and make use of it in your work
• Think about things from the other person's point of view

<What is a pro in LOOP?>
 • People who have a consistent axis and strive to achieve their own goals
• People who can clearly state their beliefs and thoughts in any situation
• People who don't run away from unpleasant things


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