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​Management Team

Chairman of the Board     Tetsuya Serizawa 

"Impress with video!"
This is one of our company's management philosophies, which has been upheld in the 26th year since our founding.
And now, each and every one of the staff gathered here is moving towards the same goal.
Loop is usually a bright workplace with constant laughter, but from the moment you go to the shooting site, it will disappear like a lie and change to a professional face. All the staff have a spirit of inquiry and challenge to new things every day. It is a workplace where such friends gather.

Do you have a vision for 10 years from now? Loop has a vision to carry on my thoughts.

That's what my current colleagues think it's good to be in the loop 10 years later. Also, my work is more rewarding and my sense of accomplishment is increasing.It is not something that I, as a manager, accept as someone else's problem.

Together we will create a path for the company to follow and achieve the same goal. I will continue to feel that way.

The company name of Loop wants to join hands and become one circle (harmony). It contains such an idea.

I am the representative of the organization, but I am also part of the staff.

That's why I join the circle and become one of the circle of employees. For that reason, we always move forward with the new era while searching. that's the loop.

Representative Director Minoru Tani Shigeoka

My 35 years in the television industry flew by. Among them, 26 years in our loop feels particularly short. The reason is that I felt a sense of fulfillment from being able to continue doing the work I wanted to do with my colleagues.

Not only me, but the loop itself has grown to be able to handle a wide variety of genres (documentaries, dramas, sports, variety shows, song programs, etc.). The creativity and technical skills of our employees have also improved, and we have received high praise from those around us. In addition, I have been involved in the field as a cameraman, and have also worked hard to nurture my juniors. I will continue to do my best to support all Loop staff so that they can improve their skills by continuing to do their favorite work with a sense of purpose, and increase the number of good friends. increase. I am happy to have a fulfilling job.

Director Hirotaka Nishiya 

Japan's first television broadcasting began in 1953, when NHK began regular television broadcasting. Over 60 years have passed since then, and the field of imaging has changed dramatically. The image quality of video cameras has improved dramatically, and with the improvement of the Internet environment, we have entered an era in which anyone can easily distribute videos. In the video field, the boundary between professionals and amateurs is becoming seamless.

In the future, with the advent of AI, etc., the range of applications for video will expand further, and the same style of work as before will no longer work. We have been involved in various projects related to video such as filming and production of TV programs, music PVs, and video promotions for companies. None other than that. It's not like we have many regular customers. I strongly feel that the current loop exists because our customers have been requesting work from us for a long time. I am proud that this is the result of each and every staff member working together with the customer to think about how to visualize the customer's request, and then make proposals and work on it. While keeping up with the trends of the times, it is our duty to continue to value our connections with people and provide even higher quality images.

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